There are many reasons why businesses should be looking at renewable energy sources either for their own commercial properties or, in the case of architects, surveyors and builders, the products and services they provide to clients.

The environmental impact of a business has never been more important, and spiralling utility costs and interruptions to supply can threaten production and therefore profitability.  In some sectors, providing utilities in difficult-to-reach or temporary locations can open up great opportunities.

There are now many technologies on the market that offer electrical power generation from a variety or sources, power storage, water recycling, hot water supply and so on.

At Befree, we have integrated the best of these technologies into a single unit, The Independence, which can be configured and scaled to meet your precise needs and harmonised with existing services. This means you can achieve the environmental, supply and resilience results you need with a single installation rather than multiple contracts and successive interruptions to your business as separate solutions are implemented. The Independence is designed to maximise the benefits of integrating these disparate technologies, so they work together and are greater than the sum of their parts.

As part of our consultation, survey and design service, we’ll integrate technologies including (but not limited to) Solar Photo Voltaic, Heat Pump, Solar hot water, Wind generator, water harvesting, fully treated grey water, LPG generator, water softener (when with mains utilities) to create the Independence Personal Power Station that’s right for your location and needs.

So, if making a positive environmental statement, protection from interruption to supply, reducing utility costs and / or providing power and water to remote or temporary locations is important to your business (or your clients’ businesses) then we should talk!

Please use the Contact Us section or our website to set up an initial discussion on how we can help.