The Independence Personal Power Station.
Giving you control over your energy and water.

Energy and water serve the most basic human needs but costs, reliability, sustainability and, in the developing world, availability are real concerns.

We have patented an integrated package of renewable solar, wind and air technologies to create The Independence, a Personal Power Station that is environmentally friendly, cost effective and reduces or replaces dependence on utility providers.

The Independence can be configured and scaled for a wide range of environments including homes, businesses and developing world projects. Generating electricity, hot water and drinking water according to your needs, The Independence also harvests and recycles the heat and water losses typically found in other renewable installations. Where integrated to mains supply, it provides resilience against supply interruptions and stores cheap off-peak electricity for use at any time of day.

We’re committed to sharing our approach with the world and collaborating with the wider community to help people “Befree” by providing for their own basic human needs.

If you’d like to know more, please use the Contact Us section of this site or call 01323 423033. We’d love to hear from you!

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