Purpose & benefits


Energy & water for your home, business or project

  • Integration of sustainable technologies, configured to your specific needs
  • Utilises highest quality components
  • Resilience against grid supply failure
  • Independence from grid control


Power generation

  • Configured and scaled to your specific needs
  • Solar Photo Voltaic and solar hot water units
  • Supplementary wind generation
  • Integrated to grid supply – prioritises renewable generation supply


Energy storage

  • Stores solar energy allowing continued electric supply during power cuts
  • Transfers and stores cheap-rate night time supply for use during the day


Water processing

  • Recycles grey water and harvests atmospheric moisture
  • Produces domestic hot water with lower carbon emission
  • Captures and processes rainwater


Cost reduction

  • Reduces gas, electricity and water supplied by mains utility
  • Fully exploits cheap-rate tariffs
  • Potential to gain from the Renewable Heat Incentive and other future initiatives


Service and support

  • Evaluation of your current energy profile
  • Installation maintenance and aftercare from our own highly qualified team
  • One-stop support for all component warranties and servicing
  • Enhance or change units capabilities through its life to suit your changing needs



  • Ongoing performance analysis and optimisation
  • Integration of emerging technologies
  • Free and at-cost retrofit of future developments for early adopters


Owning an Independence Personal Power Station

  • Installed price of typical domestic Independence model from £18k
  • Includes site surveys, build, and installation and integration with utilities
  • 3 year parts warranties (in some instances longer warranties)
  • Specification can be adapted for your individual needs – contact us to find out more