Befree started when we applied our technical expertise to the challenges of providing power and water to our own homes domestic properties solutions are still a primary focus for us today.

The Independence Personal Power Station can be configured and scaled for existing homes, new builds, outbuildings, pools, home offices or any other domestic location where power and water are required.

Benefits include:

  • Super-efficient renewable energy and water production
  • Reduced utility bills – lower usage and maximised use of off-peak tariffs
  • Resilience against power cuts
  • Optimal solar harvesting, regardless of the orientation of your home
  • Ability to provide power and water in difficult-to-reach locations
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Increased living space in your home – tanks, cylinders etc housed within The Independence
  • Factory assembled pre-installation, so offers greater quality control and efficiency than t separate on-site installations.
  • Lower design, architect, fitting and certification costs to separately fitted solar, wind, hot water, recycling etc. solutions

For new builds and property extensions, The Independence offers a solution to planning regulation restrictions on bath, shower and WC installations based on occupancy.

A typical installation will include the following components, though we will adapt and scale the exact configuration according to your specific needs:

  • High thermally efficient insulated housing module
  • Self cleaning low iron (Planitherm) solar glazing (for countries that have a climate similar to the UK)
  • Solar Voltaic Panel roof Cassette including the hydraulic tracking and control for non-equatorial locations
  • Solar Hot water tubes
  • Multi coil stainless steel hot water tank (vented or unvented)
  • Comfort Heating heat exchanger
  • Recirculation circuit and controls
  • Battery bank energy buffer
  • Domestic electrical distribution board and protection
  • Recommendation to either integrate your existing boiler, at cost, or install a new Worcester Bolsch LPG boiler.
  • Battery conditioning and charge optimiser
  • High capacity Inverter
  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Water harvesting and management system including –  Water Debris Separator, -Particulate filter, high capacity UV steriliser and Copper bio-cidel receptacle.
  • Hydraulic Manifold
  • Sensing and Control Module
  • Umbilical connection to building inc groundwork
  • User Manuals and Layout Diagram

All work will be undertaken by our own qualified Befree team , including survey, consultation on utility usage profile, design, ground work, build and integration. We provide a 3-year maintenance plan and manage all manufacturer warranties for you.

To find out how The Independence could be tailored for your property, connect via the Contact Us page (above) for an initial consultation.