Developing World

At Befree we developed The Independence Personal Power Station because we are concerned about the environmental impact, costs and reliability or our existing power and water supply.

It didn’t take us long to realise that the solutions we were working on – integrating disparate power and water technologies – could be adapted, configured and scaled to meet a variety of community and relief projects in the developing world where power and water care are matters of life and death.

Depending on geographical location and the specific project challenges, The Independence can be configured with the most appropriate technologies for the required outputs. For example, equatorial projects will not require tracking technology to follow the sun to maximise solar power production the way installations further north or south would – and the emphasis is likely to be more towards safe drinking water than hot water for central heating.

We’ve talked with experts in this field and understand that how support is provided can be as important as the watts or power and litres of drinking water generated.  We’ve developed a range of installation methodologies accordingly.

We have also now developed a prototype Sanitation module that enables recycling of water for wash basins, this helps controls and prevents the spread of disease.

For emergency relief situations, we can provide an out-of-the-box Independence that is ready to go with minimal local expertise to start providing urgently needed power and water. For longer-term community development projects, we can provide the training and tools required for a community to build and operate their Independence, providing the skills and sense of ownership such projects require to succeed.

Our mission is to enable every human being on the planet to deliver their own basic needs in a sustainable way. If this aligns to the aims of your project, we’d love to talk to you.

Please use the Contact Us section of this website to connect so we can discuss how The Independence can help you.