Why are we doing this?

We want more independence and control over two of our basic human needs – power and water. We want to use technology to tap into the resources around us in renewable and sustainable ways.

Our mission

In the developed world, many of us are concerned about spiralling energy and water costs, reliability of supply, our impact on the environment and creating a sustainable future. In the developing world, the absence of investment and infrastructure mean that many people do not have access to these most basic human resources. Our mission is to enable every human being on the planet to deliver their own basic needs in a sustainable way.


We are Derek and Darren. Between us, we have spent over 50 years integrating disparate systems for industry and have been concerned for a long time that we had no control over our own utility supplies.


We applied our engineering know-how to linking several different sustainable energy systems with our mains services, so that they all worked together to provide us with our water and energy needs in the most cost effective and carbon efficient manner. The result is our Personal Power Station – The Independence.


There are many reasons to install The Independence in your home, business or institution – here are just a few:

  • Provide resilience against power, hot water and drinking water shortages.
  • Reduce or eliminate reliance on utilities providers – price and performance concerns in the developed world, absence of investment and infrastructure in developing regions.
  • Make a positive environmental impact – recycle, reduce carbon, exploit natural renewable resources…
  • Save money. By integrating disparate micro-generation technologies, performance is greater than the sum of its parts. This technology is efficient!
  • Results will depend on the objectives, configuration and scale of your Independence package. Use the “Contact Us” tab to arrange a discussion on how The Independence could benefit your home, business or project.


The Independence can be configured and scaled according to your needs and priorities, whether they are:

  • Providing renewable and sustainable power and water to your home or business.
  • Utilities cost savings.
  • Protection from interruptions of supply.
  • Temporary provision of services to outdoor events.
  • Standalone human needs provision in developing world – medical, community development, emergency aid.
    • Next steps

      There are two of us and a dedicated band of professionals and specialists. We’re going to need some help! We’re committed to sharing our mission with the world and collaborating with a like-minded community to help accelerate progress to a more fair and free society. Our current solution is The Independence, our package of tried and tested high quality technologies. We are developing and building our range using our core engineering and production skills. Crucially, we’re engaging with the wider community social media, forums and customer feedback. Together, we can drive this technology forward.

      Ways you can help

      Buy a Personal Power Station. Develop a modification. Invent or integrate a new component. Rationalise production costs. Be part of our community. Join the debate. Help us all to Befree.

        Talk to us

        We’d love to discuss how The Independence could help your home, business or project so please get in touch. Use the Contact Us section of this site or call 01323 423033 to talk about your specific needs.